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About - Ajay Kumar Dwivedi

“I Save Money By Optimizing SQLServer & Building Automation” – Ajay Kumar Dwivedi


My Experience

With 12+ years of experience in the SQL Server world, I save money for my employers by optimizing SQLServers and Building Automation.

I love SQL Server Performance Tuning and like to automate processes using TSQL & PowerShell/Python.

I like to build useful tools, write automation scripts, and share my knowledge through blogs and YouTube videos.

Some Open Souce Projects-

  • SQLMonitor: Automation to baseline SQL Server using TSQL, PowerShell, Perfmon & Grafana
  • SQLDBA-SSMS-Solution: TSQL/PowerShell script for day-to-day DBA support work.
  • HadrSync: PowerShell module to synchronize everything from Primary/Principal replicas to Secondary/Mirror/DR replicas in Always On/Mirror setup.
  • Credential Manager: Infra that provides storage/retrieval functionality similar to Windows Credential Manager. This is very helpful in an environment where proper vault/credential management software is not present.
  • Space-Capacity-Automation: Stored Procedure that would add/restrict data and log files on new and old disk drives automatically without DBA intervention.

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