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Below are some of my key resources:-

GitHub Repositories

  1. SQLDBA-SSMS-Solution
    1. Backup-Restore
      • Contains TSQL scripts for SQL Server Instance Migration
    2. Baselining
      • Contains TSQL scripts for setting up baselining SQL Server Instance, and all Analyzing the collected Data
    3. BlitzQueries
    4. Blocking Alert
      • TSQL Script to setup Blocking Alert on SQL Server
    5. Deadlock_Detection_SQLTrace
      • TSQL Script that can be used to Setup SQL Trace to capture DeadLock graphs.
      • Customized for a specific job as well
    6. LogShipping
      • TSQL code to setup Custom Log Shipping
    7. StackOverflow
      • TSQL Code and help links related to famous StackOverflow dumps provided by StackExchange site.
    8. sp_HealthCheck
      • A procedure that gives currently running queries, CPU and Memory usage, Usage of Data & Log Volumes, Space utilization of data/log files, Lead Blockers, and session details performing Backup/Restore/Rollback.
  2. Space-Capacity-Automation
    • This automation has been designed to eliminate manual efforts on Space Capacity ESC tickets where DBA has to add new data or log files on new volume, and restrict data or log files on old volume. Apart from this, this procedure can be used for variety of tasks related to capacity management.
  3. SQLDBATools
    • Powershell Module containing cmdlets for carrying out SQL DBA activities.
  4. SQL_Lab
    • Contains scripts to steup SQL Server Lab Environment from Scratch using Oracle Virtual Box
  5. DatabaseInventory
    • Django based UI for SQLDBATools based Inventory Setup.

YouTube Video Tutorials:-

  1. SQL DBA/Developer Tricks
  2. [SQLDBATools] Powershell Module
  3. Space Capacity Automation
  4. Build SQL Server Virtual Lab