Baseline SQLServer with SQLMonitor v1.6.0

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I have been using SQLMonitor extensively for monitoring & performance tuning of my SQLServers. To make it more and more useful, I have added more functionalities to the tool in version v1.6.0.

Below are some enhancements made in release v1.6.0

  • Added AG Latency dashboard
  • Added features like Save State, PreQuery, and PostQuery in Remove-SQLMonitor
  • Added parameters like XEventDirectory, JobsExecutionWaitTimeoutMinutes, UpdateSQLAgentJobsThreshold, etc in Install-SQLMonitor
  • Added sp_Blitz infra & dashboards
  • Renamed resource_consumption infra to xevent_metrics infra
  • Added more panels in the Job Activity Monitor dashboard
  • Removed any usage of TrustWorthy database attribute dependency
  • Added parameters for All Servers Dashboards to provide more controls on thresholds

Some common help URLs –

The below video provides an overview of dashboards in the current version –

The below video provides a demo of how to remove & install SQLMonitor on Inventory & another SQLInstance-

I hope this will help SQL Server users looking to baseline their SQLServers using SQLMonitor.

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