First Responder Kit Power BI Dashboard

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Recently Brent Ozar team added yet another great feature of Power BI Dashboard on data collected from First Responder Kit. In case you are not familiar with what it is, kindly browse through url

Also, in below 6 minutes YouTube video, Brent provided a nice demo of how effective it can be in Performance TroubleShooting of SQL Server using the First Responder Kit and BI Dashboard.

Personally, I find it very easy and useful and thus going to share few key points as below:-

1) Default Dashboard Screen showing Batch Requests/Sec and Waits stats for particular date-time frame. It is also showing Quick Diagnosis data collected by sp_BlitzFirst and Resource-Intensive Queries collected by sp_BlitzCache which can be filtered according to Wait Type.

Also we can Drill down through a specific Batch/Query statement running in time frame selected.

2) The Drill Down of Query/Batch provides me data for Query Performance Over Time. It also, suggests various issues in each execution of Query.

I hope you all would love it eventually as I do. Thanks 🙂


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