[usp_AnalyzeSpaceCapacity] – SQL Server Space Management Made Easy

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DBAs! We all know the pain of creating new data or log files at new location when files on old location are about to full. Post that we have to restrict growth of files on old location. This does not seem like big thing, but it becomes are big challenge when number of databases grow from just few to hundreds, and when the size of databases varies greatly.

Well, no need to worry anymore. Now, you can use my Space-Capacity-Automation solution. I created this procedure to reduce the SQL Server DBAs problems in Database and Space Management. This solution can be used with below parameters to accomplish variety of tasks:-

Kindly watch below introduction video on how to use this Space-Capacity-Solution. The video only introduces just 2-3 features. There are variety of functionalities supported by this automation procedure. For more help on how to use, visit url https://github.com/imajaydwivedi/Space-Capacity-Automation#space-capacity-automation.

Thanks Friends. Kindly raise issue on GitHub in case you find any error while using this automation procedure.

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