Error/Fix: The Extended Events session named “blocked_process” could not be found.

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Two days back while I am presenting in a KT session within team on how to use Extended Events for trapping blocking and deadlocks, and use the SQL Sentry Plan Explorer to analyze deadlock graph in detail. I was greeted with below error message when I tried to click ‘Watch Live Data’ for my extended event session.

Watch Live Data for Extended Event

Resolution: After spending few minutes on google, I found this link that resolved my issue. Basically my login had a different default database than the [master] database. When I changed my default database to [master], the error went away, and I was able to Watch Live Data on the extended event sessions.
One can use below code for changing the default database for login.

Once above changes were made, I was successfully able to Watch Live Data of Extended Event session. Happy Coding

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