SQL Server Lab 01 – MultiSubnet Availability Group with FCI

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As a SQL Server DBA, it is very important to learn concepts by doing or implementing. Following this rule, I often create a SQL Server Lab setup for myself and destroy the same once done.

In this blog/video series, I talk about how to create a SQL Server Lab environment that includes SqlCluster & Availability groups in multi-subnet architecture that would mirror environments within organizations.

To start with, we need to download & install freeware Oracle VM VirtualBox which is easy to install and use. Post this, one can follow the steps mentioned in the below notebook file to set up VirtualBox Network Adapters, Domain Controller, and configure it for multi-subnet routing.


Kindly watch the below training session where I gave a demo of the result, and step by step take you through the creation of a virtual machine, promote it as a domain controller and configure it as a router.

In coming sessions, we would create iSCSI SAN, configure 4 VM as part of WSFC, create Active-Active SQL Cluster, and Availability Groups using FCI as replicas.

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