Monitor SQLServer using SQLMonitor v1.1.0

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Performance tuning of SQL Server is something I love to do almost daily. This becomes fun when we have a monitoring tool that is familiar and easy to use. With this objective, I created SQLMonitor tool which can be used to monitor SQL Servers with the support of all editions of SQL Server. The best part is that it’s open source and can be deployed without licensing worries.

I wrote a few blog posts in the past that could help anyone resolve various issues using SQLMonitor. Yesterday, I released SQLMonitor v1.1.0 which has the following new implementations

  • Added columns [dba_group_mail_id],[sqlmonitor_script_path],[sqlmonitor_version] in dbo.instance_details
  • Added infra to capture data using sp_BlitzIndex into dbo.BlitzIndex.
    • This data would be used for various tables/indexes utilization related analysis mentioned in discussion.
  • Added infra to capture sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats data into dbo.file_io_stats.
    • This data would be used for various database file IO/Latency related analysis mentioned in discussion.
  • Updated dbo.WhoIsActive infra to reduce time/IO occurring due to delta capturing & staging table based data population.
  • Install-SQLMonitor.ps1 modified for smooth upgrade of SQLMonitor. Now, for upgrade, most of the parameters would be fetched directory from saved configuration settings in dbo.instance_details.
  • Updated all core metrics gathering procedure dbo.usp_GetAllServerInfo fixing the bug where inventory server not appearing in resultset when its a named instance.
  • Grafana dashboards updated for minor fixes.

This discussion page has most common issues/fixes that might come up while upgrade of SQLMonitor to this version from previous version.

Baseline SQL Server with opensource tool SQLMonitor

I hope this would help SQLServer professionals looking to baseline their SQLServers.

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