ScriptOut Linked Server with Actual Password

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Within my organization, we work in a controlled environment. That means, with each SQL Instance migration, we have strict rules to script out everything including System database user objects, operators, job categories, alerts, jobs, schedules, database mail, endpoints, logins, users and a lot more before going for the actual migration.

For moving Logins/Users, Microsoft provided revlogin script which made it easy for migration of logins without need to know about passwords. But, there is no easy approach for migration LinkedServers with the actual password. This is where dbatools cmdlet Copy-DbaLinkedServer becomes very handy. But, what about the situation where we have to script out LinkedServer beforehand.

For this reason, based on the blog post of Antti Rantasaari, and using his code as the base script, I have created a cmdlet Get-SdtLinkedServer with SQLDBATools module which accepts SqlInstance name as a parameter along with -ScriptOut switch, and gives Drop/Create statements for linked servers present on that local/remote SqlInstance.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-Help Get-SdtLinkedServer -Examples


This function returns LinkedServers presents on SqlInstance

I hope this is helpful to other DBAs. Happy Coding 🙂


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