Baseline SQLServer with SQLMonitor v1.3.0

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I have been using SQLMonitor extensively for monitoring & performance tuning of my SQLServers. To make it more and more useful, I have added more functionalities to the tool in version v1.3.0.

Below are some enhancements made in release v1.3.0

  1. Vertically partitioned table dbo.resource_consumption into 2 tables keeping sql_text in a separate table.
    • This helps in creating efficient XEvents Trend dashboards.
  2. Capture sp_BlitzIndex in mode 0,1,2,4.
    • Mode 2 data is used in a dashboard to expose redundant tables
    • Mode 2 data is used to expose tables with huge growth
    • Mode 0 data tells high-priority index recommendations
    • Mode 4 data on the dashboard showing all index recommendations
    • Mode 1 data showing the database size summary
  3. Added more parameters in the Install-SQLMonitor function to add more flexibility in install/upgrade.
    • Parameter OnlySteps – Specific Steps to be executed
    • Parameter PreQuery – TSQL Query to execute before Install-SQLMonitor steps
    • Parameter PostQuery – TSQL Query to execute after Install-SQLMonitor steps
    • Parameter FirstResponderKitZipFile – Zip file of FirstResponder Kit to use. Required as sometime Install-DbaFirstResponderKit does not install the latest available version.
  4. Some bug fixes in the deployment of SQLMonitor on the Central Server.

Some screenshots from new dashboards –

I hope this would help SQLServer professionals looking to baseline their SQLServers.

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